Lifesaving Friends

Sporing the fall 2015 off-shoulder O2 look.

Sporing the fall 2015 off-shoulder O2 look.

Subsequent to my last post, I did a few things. Started a podcast with my old buddy Dave, caught some bug, went to the hospital, had a heart attack, should have died, didn’t, and am now at a rehab center getting my land legs back after two-plus weeks on my back.

There is much to write about–and more to ponder over–as a result of this ordeal. I will say I have the most wonderful friends, who not only took on the task of being my medical power of attorney (which in this case came down to “he did not wish to stay on a ventilator”); they not only kept constant tabs on my condition and treatment, but held vigil over me for a week before pulling me off the machine to either live or (probably) die. Since I did not die, the ventilator experience took seconds and I had no idea the ordeal it had been to friends, family and parishioners. I just wanted some water.

As I said, there is much to consider and write about in this regard, and many people to thank (including one large deity). For now, though, I want to thank Bob and Lori for being the best possible friends. Family, really. I look forward to getting back to your house and playing Ticket to Ride. And if they want to play the partners version, that’ll be fine.

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