Great Work If You Can Get It (From Someone Else)

I have been very fortunate when it comes to book designers. I previously showed the amazing work Lobo (the Densts) did interpreting my concept scribbles for The Bad Idea Catalog.

Tracy Tomkowiak, my current designer, ain’t too shabby either, having created covers for Naperville and Dr. Franks and the Antmen. And, like the Densts, he was able to intuit what I wanted with minimal input from me. From this…

canis cover concept cjb

…he created this mock-up…


I should add that Tracy is doing the work “in trade,” so the design is coming before all the stories are written. I can only hope the writing lives up to the cover art.

Also, be sure to check out Tracy’s entertaining books, including Big League Balderdash.

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