A New Zoo: Nineties Napkin Notes

Zoo Nineties

Both of these ideas were inspired by a visit to LA by my sister and niece. After getting to know all the neighbors I didn’t know existed (LA people are always surprised at how friendly Midwesterners are), we did the tourist thing.

The second idea was inspired by our trip to Universal Studios. Everyone in LA is trying to get into the business, and I could easily imagine a guy injecting jabs into his tram tour schpiel: “To your left is Steven Speilberg’s office, which won’t return my calls. This is the set for Back to the Future, which was MY idea.”

We also went to the San Diego Zoo, one of the worst days of our lives. San Diego Zoo is spread out and everything is uphill. To make matters worse, it was about 100 degrees and the only animals out in the sun were us sweaty humans. The other animals were way in the back of their enclaves, enjoying shade and cool water. It made me long for the days when zoos were interactive. At the Brookfield Zoo, for example, you could feed peanuts to giraffes and toss marshmallows at the polar bears. Sure, it wasn’t good for the animals, but they weren’t the ones paying for entertainment. That’s progress for ya.

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